What is NativeOneStop.gov?

NativeOneStop.gov is a one-stop shop for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Tribes to access resources available from the U.S. Government. The goal of NativeOneStop.gov is to collect information from across the Federal Government about all Federal resources and services available to American Indians and Alaska Natives tribes and individuals. NativeOneStop.gov delivers on an "all of government" approach to establishing strong and meaningful relationships with Tribes, strengthening the government-to-government relationships, and delivering programs and funding to Indian Country.

NativeOneStop.gov is a partnership of many Federal agencies and organizations with a shared vision – to provide improved, personalized access to programs and resources for American Indians and Alaska Natives. NativeOneStop.gov is designed to make it easier for tribes to find services, receive consistent information, and streamline outreach and services by Federal agencies. For more information about the Federal agencies that make up the NativeOneStop.gov partnership, please review the Overview page.

NativeOneStop.gov does not allow you to apply for resource or programs and cannot guarantee your tribes’ eligibility for any program. In addition, NativeOneStop.gov is not designed to be a comprehensive listing of all programs for which your tribe may be eligible. Its purpose is to provide you with a list of resources and programs your tribe may be eligible to for as well as information on how to apply for those programs.

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How often should I check NativeOneStop.gov?

We recommend that you visit NativeOneStop.gov often. Based on new program eligibility criteria, or your tribe's changes, eligibility for certain resources or programs may have changed. Additionally, your tribe may be eligible for new resources or programs created over time.

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How does the Search function work?

The Search function finds resources or programs related to the words or phrases you enter into the Search box. Keep in mind that the quality of your results depends heavily on the words that you use. Here are some tips to make every search more effective:

  • Ensure that you spell search words correctly. Remember to leave a space between each word in your query.
  • Vary your search terms. A different word or phrase will return different search results. Use fewer descriptive words, or try words that have a different but similar meaning.
  • Search for exact phrases by placing the search words within quotation marks. For example "special milk program".

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How does NativeOneStop.gov determine which resources or programs my tribe may be eligible for?

Computer software compares the answers you submit in the online questionnaire with the eligibility criteria of programs from over 20 Federal departments and agencies. You must answer the first section of questions given to you in the Benefit Finder to obtain an initial list of results. This is a list of resources or programs that your tribe may be eligible for based on the information you have provided so far in the questionnaire. In addition to this list changing as you answer more questions, the likelihood of your tribe being eligible for the resources or programs on your results list may increase.

Though all other questions after the initial section of questions are optional, we recommend that you answer as many questions as possible to obtain the most accurate resource results list. NativeOneStop.gov will ask broad questions about your tribe. As you answer each question, the questions that follow will become more specific as the system narrows the list of possible resources or programs your tribe may be eligible to receive. NativeOneStop.gov is completely confidential and will not ask for information that could be used to identify you (such as, name, address, phone number, or Social Security number).

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Why does NativeOneStop.gov say that my tribe "may" be eligible for a resource or program in my results list?

NativeOneStop.gov says that your tribe "may" be eligible for the programs in your Results List because eligibility for any resource or program depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The fact that we cannot guarantee eligibility for any resource or program as each program requires the completion of an application, which requests more detailed information than what is asked for on NativeOneStop.gov. (NativeOneStop.gov does not collect any personally identifiable information) Application information for each resource or program is obtainable through the "Next Steps" section of each resource or program description.
  • The number of questions you have answered in the Benefit Finder. With each additional question that you answer, we can better assess your tribe’s actual eligibility for the programs in your Results List.
  • If the program or resource eligibility requirements change between the time you visit NativeOneStop.gov and the time you apply for the program.

To increase the likelihood of your tribe’s eligibility for the programs in your Results List, please answer as many questions in the Benefit Finder as possible. Because resource eligibility requirements frequently change, you should also occasionally check back with us to get an updated Results List, particularly if your tribe’s circumstances have changed.

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How much time will it take to complete the Resource Finder questionnaire?

Depending on your tribe’s situation, please allow 10 to 20 minutes to answer all of the questions. The more resources and programs your tribe may be eligible for, the more questions you are likely to be asked. Having ready access to your tribe’s information (such as information about finances) will enable you to complete the questionnaire more quickly.

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What should I know about receiving Federal funding?

Here are some facts about receiving Federal funding:

  • The Federal Government maintains government-to-government relationships with federally recognized tribes.
  • For your tribe to receive Federal funding, you must complete an application and meet specific eligibility requirements as outlined by each program.
  • Not all programs provide cash payments. Programs that provide payments may have conditions and limitations.

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What can NativeOneStop.gov do for my tribe?

As a directory of official resources available to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, we can help you start your resources search by connecting you to grants, services, and programs your tribe may be eligible for.

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What if I want my tribe to apply for a resource or program?

You cannot apply for resources or programs directly on the NativeOneStop.gov website. For application information, refer to the "Next Steps" section in the program description for information on how to apply for any Federal resource or program for which your tribe may be eligible

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Where did a resource or program that was previously available go?

Resource programs come and go based on changing laws and funding constraints. As laws change, new legislation is passed, or the time limits for certain programs are reached, resources or programs may be impacted. Programs may be impacted by changing laws, new legislation, or the expiration of time limits for certain programs. Eligibility requirements may change or the entire program may be eliminated. Therefore, a resource or program that may have once been suggested may no longer be available.

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